Youtube Hits 4 Billion Video Views Every Single Day

Youtube, the World’s largest online video site, has reached yet another milestone. Ever since its release in 2005, the website has exploded in popularity and quickly became the one place where people tend to log on, every single day.

Google announced new stats today for the online video service and, well, they’re pretty impressive. Video views now top four Billion every single day Worldwide. Back in May of 2010, video views were at two Billion every single day.

If you figure out the math, they’ve gained about a Billion video views per day, every single year since then. Not only are people watching a lot of video, but a lot of people are uploading videos as well.

They now get over 60 minutes of uploads every single second. That comes out to 5,184,000 minutes or 86,400 hours of content uploaded every single day. To watch just all the videos that were uploaded on one day, it would take you 3,600 days or nearly 10 years, not counting any breaks.

Via PCMag:

“YouTube’s push now is to enable its Channels, dedicated bundles of videos all designed by YouTube’s content partners, a focus of YouTube’s December redesign. Although YouTube seems interested in signing up premium talent, the site has had the most luck taking smaller content creators and giving them the worldwide audience even networks can’t deliver. Many of the top channels within YouTube rank, in terms of viewership, with the top cable channels, Kyncl said at CES. According to one report, however, social giant Facebook has expressed an interest in luring one of Google’s top channels, Vevo, over to Facebook.”

How many Youtube videos would you estimate you watch every single day?