Kelly Bensimon Not Pleased With Bethenny Frankel’s Business Direction

Kelly Bensimon left The Real Housewives of New York after a dramatic fourth season, where she continued to deal with her emotions. During the third season, Kelly had a meltdown after feuding with Bethenny Frankel on a cast trip. The women were concerned about Kelly, but she convinced everyone that she was fine. As soon as Frankel was off the show, Bensimon appeared to flourish.

Shockingly, Kelly Bensimon continues to talk about Bethenny Frankel, even though they struggled during filming together. A few weeks ago, a report surfaced that Frankel was working on a new pot-related product that would prevent people from getting cravings, hence staying on a healthy path. While Bethenny has yet to confirm anything, Bensimon thinks this idea is ridiculous.

According to a new New York Post report, Kelly Bensimon is now revealing that she won’t be supporting Bethenny in her new business venture. Many people have expressed a dislike for this new venture, and it is very possible that Bethenny isn’t doing this product.

“I’m not a pot smoker,” Bensimon revealed about the supposed product.

“I’ve got two kids and trying to raise them on my own, so I try to be a good role model. So illegal drugs are not really on my radar. But, for anyone else who enjoys them, hats off to you.”

Even though Kelly Bensimon isn’t too pleased with the new product, she does think that Bethenny is smart to chase the money. But Kelly has said before that Frankel is great at creating products with the “skinny” brand with the goal of making lots of money.

“Oh, my God, that’s such a huge business now,” Kelly explained, adding, “She’s very clever, she’s a good businesswoman, and she’s super savvy. . . she’s not gonna be the ‘skinny girl,’ she’s going to be the relaxing girl!”

Even though Kelly doesn’t support Bethenny in her new business venture, the two could be working out their issues on the upcoming season of the show. According to the Inquisitr, Kelly Bensimon may be returning to the show, solely to work out her issues with Frankel. But Kelly would have someone to talk to. She recently ran into Ramona Singer on a Miami beach, where they bonded and snapped a picture together.

Are you surprised that Kelly Bensimon won’t be picking up Bethenny Frankel’s new product? Do you think that Kelly is returning to The Real Housewives of New York?

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