James Robertson: Man Who Walked 21 Miles To Work Now Living In Fear Amid Death Threats And Beggars

James Robertson, the man who walked 21 miles to work and was later rewarded with money and a new car, is now receiving death threats and battling beggars. Daily Mail is reporting that Robertson is scared to death as people threaten his life and hound him for his dough. Fearing for his life, Robertson contacted police and now arrangements have been made to get him away from his old neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan.

Factory worker James Robertson made headlines two weeks ago when it came to light that he had a 21-mile walk to work every day because he didn’t want to lose his job. His story touched people so deeply that he was given a car as a gift for all his years of hard work. Not long after he received the car, a GoFundMe page was created to raise money for him, and raise money they have, as the donation count has risen to a whopping $350,000 at last count. The money was easy to raise because the nation identified with James Robertson. They also admired his tenacity, work ethic, and dedication, despite difficult circumstances.

Robertson is very familiar with difficult circumstances. Growing up with his parents showed him the value of working hard every day. His only wish now is that his parents could see how things have turned out for him.

Before this latest turn of events, 56-year old James Robertson was relishing in the attention that he received from the media. He was so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that he received from readers that he often displayed deep emotion. Inquisitr reported that a banker who often gave rides to Robertson during really bad weather made some calls, and in no time, he was offered a new 2015 Ford Taurus by a local dealership who was also moved by his story. According to Detroit Free Press, Robertson made the following statements regarding his new found success.

“I don’t like it. I love it…. I can’t thank people enough. I can’t wait to show my coworkers… If only my parents could see me now… Everybody calls me the inspiration, but to those who have been great enough to donate and everything… it was really so welcome that I don’t know what to tell you… You guys are the heroes.”

And despite his latest blessings, Robertson is still concerned for the thousands of other Detroit residents who are still struggling without transportation.

“All the years I’ve been walking, I’ve been thinking I had to make a way, get some transportation. And now I know that prayer works. But the best part of the story is that it got everybody talking about the bus system… Right here in Detroit, there’s just so many people in my situation (and), hey, we’ve got a problem with the buses. We gotta fix it.”


Now hailed as the ultimate example of hard work and determination, people continue to be moved by his story and are puzzled as to how anyone with a shred of humanity could send the humble man death threats and try to swindle him out of the cash that has been raised for him.

Today, James Robertson is working with a team of people who will help him come up with a plan to manage his money and to keep the vultures at bay. He has already been offered a place to stay and has separated from his girlfriend.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]