‘The Mentalist’ Finale Spoilers: What Lies Ahead In ‘Brown Shag Carpet’ And ‘White Orchids’?

Robin Tunney and Simon Baker in 'The Mentalist' series finale

The series finale of The Mentalist airs Wednesday night on CBS and fans are sad to see it end. There are two big episodes ahead before the final farewell and fans are anxious for Mentalist spoilers. What can they expect?

The final two episodes that air on February 18 are called “Brown Shag Carpet” and “White Orchids.” Will viewers see Lisbon and Jane marry? It seems they will, but it may not be an entirely smooth ride to their happily-ever-after.

That said, executive producer Bruno Heller told TV Guide that there is a happy ending in this Mentalist series finale. While Simon Baker, who plays Patrick Jane, apparently was pushing for a dramatic ending, that’s not the direction the show went.

Specifics regarding the Mentalist series finale are mostly still under wraps, but Heller says that the final episodes will do justice to what the show has always been about. However, there will be some new components brought into the mix that will give fans an idea of where everybody’s lives are headed as well.

TVLine teases Mentalist spoilers that in “Brown Shag Carpet,” Jane will return to the team to help snag a serial killer focused on physics. During “White Orchids,” Lisbon and Jane are aiming to walk down the aisle. However, a killer is looking for revenge and it puts the big day at risk.

Heller says that while these two episodes are separate, they are definitely intertwined. Things are set up in “Brown Shag Carpet” that carry over into “White Orchids.” Heller adds that Wednesday’s nights episodes are both a thank you and a farewell to the show’s dedicated viewers.

The serial killer factoring into the Mentalist finale is named Lazarus, and he hasn’t been around before. The first episode is fairly dark, but things end on a lighter note. Viewers will see Jane and Lisbon face a new life and photos from the finale would seemingly indicate that they do wrap the series as husband and wife.

Robin Tunney, who plays Lisbon, teases that it isn’t a traditional wedding, though. She says that she’s glad Teresa gets a happy ending, as it’s probably not something the character ever wanted or expected.

From the sounds of things, this Mentalist finale will have a bit of everything fans love most about the show and it will be a true send-off that viewers can fully embrace. It’s been a wild ride in this last season and while fans are disappointed to see it end, they are glad that the finale stays true to the feel of the series. The Mentalist series finale airs on Wednesday, February 18 on CBS.

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