Dog Rescue, Mufasa: Abandoned Senior Dog Saved From Hazardous Living Conditions

In the dog rescue of Mufasa, animal aid workers had their work cut out for them. Eldar Hagar, who founded Hope for Paws, learned about the old dog taking up residence at a water treatment plant in L.A. and is seen on a mission to save the dog in a video seen just below.

The long-haired elderly dog was found ill, abandoned, and living around putrid conditions with hazardous chemical tanks and sewage facilities.

Hagar went in for the rescue, which took a lot of patience. Mufasa wasn’t quick to trust; he was fearful and unsure of why Hagar and another rescuer — JoAnn Wiltz –were there. They began throwing pieces of hamburger at him to gain some trust and he eventually warmed up. The old dog showed no signs of aggression despite his weariness. When Hagar managed to throw a loop around him, things moved on from there. Nervous and confused, the canine seemed grateful for the attention once he was captured.

Wiltz put a lucky leash on the dog during the rescue, and, that’s when he was named “Mufasa.”

Hagar tells Huffington Post that a worker at the treatment plant said if the dog had fallen into one of the pools, the “filters would just suck him in and there’s nothing they can do.”

Mufasa was first showered then treated for an ear infection and intestinal parasites. Additionally, he was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Hope For Paws, credits senior dog rescue Lionel’s Legacy for giving Mufasa the second chance he deserves.

Mufasa now.

Hagar tells Huffington Post that the dog rescue of Mufasa has been incredible.

“He became the sweetest thing. You can see how happy he is, he’s like a puppy now. He’s so happy to be alive and well.”

A veterinarian estimates that Mufasa is between 8 and 10-years-old. A foster family associated with Lionel’s Legacy is currently caring for the rescued canine while he waits for his forever home.

No one knows why Mufasa was abandoned, but he was well socialized after his nervousness eased. He loves attention and is enjoying a new life. Hopefully he’ll soon get a wonderful new owner who’ll love and care for him.

If you’re interested in adopting this rescued dog, go to Lionel’s Legacy. Like any application process with adopting animals, there’s screening. Animal rescue organizations are keen on matching animals with the right owner for a successful adoption.

The dog rescue story of Mufasa is definitely a feel good story this week for animal lovers.