Will Meghan Trainor Be More Than Just ‘That Bass’?

Unless you lived under a rock last year, you have probably heard Meghan Trainor’s five-time platinum single, “All About That Bass.” Considered by most to be an ode to embracing curves and being proud of your body, the song has also fallen under criticism from certain spheres for finding acceptance in the male gaze, rather than internally—after all, “boys like a little more booty to hold tonight,”—and potentially shaming women who don’t have curvy figures—”I won’t be no stick-figure silicone Barbie doll/so if that’s what you’re into than go ‘head and move along.”

Whatever you think about Trainor’s hit, there was no escaping it last year, and the Nantucket-native singer has been hard at work on building a career. The question remains: will Trainor build a lasting career, or will she go down in history as a one-hit wonder?

The Seattle Times reviewed a show that Meghan Trainor played last weekend at the Neptune Theatre, and reviewer Owen Smith said the sold-out crowd was delighted by the singer. However, he also had other things to say.

“You started wondering just how far the subject matter was over the heads of the numerous elementary-schoolers in the all-ages audience. Not many 10-year-olds have experienced drunkenly texting an ex, but based on how rapt Trainor held them, comprehension was apparently not a prerequisite for appreciation.”

David Greenwald of the Oregonian wrote about Meghan Trainor’s show at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom.

“[Meghan Trainor] was poised and confident, acting more like an act that’d been building its live show for years rather than one with barely an hour of material to deliver in its headlining debut.”

And Lea Suzuki of the Chronicle seemed to agree that Meghan Trainor still has some work to do after her performance at the Fillmore.

“Yet Trainor is still finding her feet as a performer. She exuded confidence, but her banter seemed stilted, and her version of retro soul often felt as if it only hit one note, with songs like ‘No Good for You’ and ‘3am’ lacking the thrust of her big hit.”

Overall, Meghan Trainor seems to be a pretty together performer for a 21-year-old who just found fame. Recent interviews with magazines like People suggest that she may be understanding more about body positivity through self respect instead of wondering what others think. She talks about having young fans approach her and tell her that they feel beautiful again, because of her songs and her image, and that hearing young girls say that to her really resonated.

“It’s a mental thing. Just recently I was thinking, ‘I’m confident now, and I look good,’ and that’s because I’ve started saying those words out loud more.”

Do you think Meghan Trainor will be able to keep the world’s attention and turn “All About That Bass” into a career?

[Image from Gerardo Mora/Getty Images]