Alleged Police Brutality Victim Caught On Camera Punching Himself Hard In The Face 45 Times

Police Brutality Victim

These days, cops need to be really careful when it comes to being above board and squeaky clean, especially in the problematic area of alleged police brutality against suspects being held in police custody.

Thankfully for the cops, in this case the law keepers of California, they have CCTV installed at the Lane County Jail so any claims of violent behavior by the officers can be seen.

Last month, a California man named Aleksander Robin Tomas­zewski alleged that he was beaten in the face during a police interview following his arrest. However, he has now been found guilty of attempted coercion and initiating a false report after surveillance video in the holding cell showed the man punching himself hard in the face numerous times.

The 33-year-old man, who was being held on charges including stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, claimed that deputies roughed him up during his interview with them behind closed doors.

Tomas­zewski told authorities he wanted to press charges for being assaulted by the cops, a claim which later proved to be totally false once the CCTV footage was seen by the sergeant in charge of detectives who reviewed the video footage from the holding cell and the interview room.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, Sgt. Carrie Carver, said. “The only assault captured on camera was in the holding cell where Tomaszewski was seen hitting himself.”

The video clearly shows Tomaszewski pacing back and forth in the holding cell, while punching himself in the face 45 times in just four minutes. In a four-­minute clip, he appears to strike himself with sufficient force to do the damage to his face he blamed on the police.

Having been told that the police knew he was lying, Tomaszewski confessed to making up the story with hopes of winning early release from jail, deputies said.

Tomaszewski was sentenced to 20 days in jail, 36 months of probation and a $500 fine for his attempt at coercion, while he got a $100 fine and 20 additional days in jail for filing a false report.