‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Renewed, Will See Seasons 3 And 4

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been renewed for two more seasons. After the departure of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show, it was rumored that he would be replaced by comedian and internet sensation John Oliver, but that is not the case.

Oliver is staying right where people like him, hosting HBO’s successful news show with the comedic twist. Known for his ability to pull seemingly boring clips from sources most people wouldn’t care about and use sarcastic quips to make them funny, the host of Last Week Tonight has taken on many of the big issues facing the world.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has simultaneously informed viewers about and poked fun at such things as net neutrality, the World Cup, New Years celebrations, and beauty pageants. The latest episode, one of the first this year, had the plucky host taking on the shenanigans behind the tobacco industry, eventually introducing a new mascot for Marlboro.

Oliver does it so well, we don’t even mind the fact that the news he’s covering happened the previous week at the latest. He is not a newscaster as much as a commentator, and people love him for it. This is evident from the fact that Last Week Tonight beat out talk shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report at the WGA Awards on Saturday.

Part of the success for the show may be that entire episodes, some web exclusive, are usually uploaded to the show’s YouTube channel, which is regularly featured in the “Most Popular” category on the front page.

President of HBO programming Michael Lombardo announced the renewal of Oliver’s show into its fourth season this morning.

“We are incredibly proud to have John as part of the HBO family. His unique ability to deliver socially significant commentary week after week, along with his innate comedic brilliance, puts John in a class by himself.”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver isn’t going anywhere. The show is staying right where it is, at least through Season 4.

[Image via HBO/Mashable]