Bobbi Kristina Brown Involved In Drug Ring? Her Best Friend Chelsea Bennett’s Death By Heroin Overdose Raises Speculation

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still on life support as the criminal investigation regarding her bathtub incident continues. The investigation was reportedly launched due to growing speculation of foul play. Several news outlets reported that the family felt Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon was to blame for the accident.

However, new reports raise questions about whether those claims are true or not. In addition to the speculation about Nick Gordon’s involvement, many reports have shed light on Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse. Now, details about her best friend’s death have many wondering if the bathtub incident is a result of alleged drug activity. The new development also raises speculation about a possible connection between Bobbi Kristina, her deceased friend, and an Atlanta-area drug ring.

According to Radar Online, Chelsea Bennett died of a heroin overdose in March of 2014 at the age of 20. A young man identified as Cory Ben-Hanania allegedly injected Bennett with a lethal dose of pure heroin, which led to her untimely death. Then, to make matters worse, Bennett also allegedly drowned after passing out from the alleged overdose. Evidence suggests Bennett was unconscious for approximately 10 hours before 911 was called.

Previous reports also reveal further details about a court case scheduled to begin over the next two weeks. Ben-Hanania and another man identified as Kevin McCaffrey, the alleged drug dealer responsible for distributing the heroin that killed Bennett, have been charged with her murder, reports Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Based on the connection between the two women, speculation is mounting about the series of events that may have taken place before Bobbi Kristina drowned. Although it has been reported that drugs were found in the home, no specifications have been provided. Since the family has also been adamant about not releasing details about Bobbi Kristina’s condition or the investigation, it has not been confirmed whether drugs were found in her system. However, a close family friend recently spoke about Bobbi Kristina and Chelsea’s alleged drug usage. The friend made it clear that their issues were well kept secrets.


“Chelsea never spoke of Bobbi Kristina in regards to drug use, but if she knew of something like that with Krissy, she would probably have kept that a secret”

No further details have been released with regards to the ongoing investigation.

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