Baltimore Ravens Kicker Billy Cundiff Was “Distracted” Before Botched Field Goal

If Billy Cundiff would have made his team’s final field goal attempt the Baltimore Raven’s could have potentially made it to this year’s Super Bowl, instead his teammates are now saying that he was “distracted” leading up to the teams biggest play of the year.

Speaking about the final moments of playoffs several players have revealed that Cundiff was called towards the field at least 6 times by team coaches who grew furious when their field goal kicker didn’t appear to be paying attention.

Before the kick that ruined his teams chances at a Super Bowl ring Billy Cundiff was doing exactly what he was suppose to be doing, practicing field goal kicks on the sideline. However as the Raven’s marched down the field he should have been inching towards the sideline, preparing to be put in the game at a moments notice.

Cundiff’s fellow players say he didn’t appear to be paying attention and wasn’t immediately ready to execute a kick which may have in turn thrown off his rhythm and caused the missed field goal.

One player says his teammates didn’t give him trouble after the game:

“We didn’t give him a hard time because he looked like he was ready to kill himself.”

It’s still unclear what caused Billy Cundiff to become so distracted but if I had to guess I would say it was the impeding thought that he would have to kick the most important field goal of his life in front of millions of people on national television.