Ellie Goulding Shares That ‘People Used To Laugh At Me’

Ellie Goulding spoke with Glamour UK recently and shared some of her struggles. The 27-year-old British songstress admitted that she never thought she’d actually be a pop star.

Despite being talented and loving to sing, Goulding told Glamour, “I wasn’t that pretty, I was fairly average. There was definitely a time when I ran too much and didn’t eat enough and for a while I worried a lot about how glamorous I looked on stage.”

Golding, who is a Nike brand ambassador, admitted that she found the joys of being fit when she was 18 and began running. Since she started, Goulding has now run five half-marathons and feels she can’t get on stage without working out first.

Goulding admitted that her confidence took a hit, though, because, “I used to get a lot of stick for being such an un-rock ‘n’ roll pop star…People used to laugh at me for my lifestyle because it wasn’t cool.”

And what’s more is that to this day, Goulding says she faces sexism at the gym, too.

Goulding shared with Glamour, “Perhaps it’s all in my head, but I do feel judged sometimes for being a fit woman. When I do sprints in the gym I see men sniggering and laughing at me. And sometimes it’s quite intimidating.”

It didn’t deter her, though. Goulding adds that despite being criticized, “Running is kind of a stress reliever” as seen in People.

And with how hard Goulding has been working, she could use some stress relief. Her first album, Lights, “made number one in the UK charts.” Goulding was also asked to sing at Prince Williams’ wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Goulding then released her sophomore effort in 2013, Halcyon Days, to more rave reviews. Goulding also contributed “Love Me Like You Do” to the soundtrack of the widely popular book-turned-movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

What is the successful singer/songwriter’s advice on how to succeed and not let others’ comments get you down?

With the success Ellie Goulding is reaching, one could ask, who’s laughing now?

[Photo Courtesy of Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]