Watch UFO Blast Weapon Into ‘Chemtrail’ — Weather Modification, Or Something Less Strange?

UFO Chemtrail watch video

A UFO watcher has taken some curious footage of what appears to be an “orb” firing some kind weapon into a “chemtrail” in the sky over San Diego. Crow Trippelhorn, known under his YouTube screen name Crrow777, posted the footage late Tuesday night, but even in his analysis, offers no definitive theory as to what his camera has actually captured.

Is it just an optical illusion, caused by a bird or some loose piece of debris, couple with an imperfection in the video photography? Or has Trippelhorn captured an experiment in “geoengineering,” also known as weather modification, carried out by a UFO of unknown origin?

For those unfamiliar with the concept of “chemtrails,” a conspiracy theory popularized by, among many others, movie star Will Smith’s son Jaden, the idea is that condensation trails, or “contrails” left by passing commercial jetliners — which are largely just ice, but do contain other substances found in jet engine exhaust — are actually a cover for government experiments in seeding the air with harmful chemicals, for some sinister purpose.

“Many theories have been bandied around in an attempt to explain the increase in long-lasting spreading contrails: chemical or biowarfare agents to cull the population, simulants of chemical or BW agents to development counter measures, increase in global warming with atmospheric effects, countering the effects of increased air traffic emissions or ozone holes or UV radiation…to name a few,” explained the conspiracy site in a posting.

According to researchers such as Trippelhorn, one of the purposes of chemtrails may be weather modification.

If so, what exactly is the UFO “orb” in the above video doing, when it appears to fire some sort of “shot” into the heart of a trail in the sky? In this screen capture from the video, the UFO appears as a white dot near the top and left of the image. The apparent projectile fire from the flying object can be seen diagonally below the white dot, to its right.

UFO Chemtrail close up

Though Crrow777 uploaded the video this week, the footage appears to have come from clips that he shot and uploaded 11 months ago, which he posted on YouTube at that time with different editing and narration.

Both versions, however, appear to clearly show a white UFO circling around the so-called “chemtrail,” then flying directly into the misty trail and emitting — something.

Is it a UFO high energy weapon? Or some sort of device to activate chemicals in the chemtrail to affect the weather? Or does the UFO chemtrail footage have a far more innocent explanation?

[Image: YouTube Screen Capture]