Compassionate Family Buys Homeless Couple A Three-Night Stay, But The Hotel Kicks Them Out

A homeless couple, who received a three-night stay at a hotel from a kind family was evicted by the hotel officials.

The low temperatures in Columbus, Ohio went south further, to a mere 6 degrees late last week. Blowing snow and howling winds were increasingly creating whiteout conditions. It was not just impossible, but downright life-threatening to stay out in such conditions. It was during this time when George and Joyce Gruss, who were already delayed hours by winter weather, stopped at a Wendy’s off of Interstate 71 for some dinner.

There, they noticed a woman crying softly at a nearby table. When Joyce inquired, she learned that the girl and her male companion were homeless and stuck in Columbus after someone they were traveling with on their way to Michigan left them there. Struggling to find a shelter proved tough, but for the past few days, the couple had been staying at a shelter. However, the couple had missed the curfew for the day and was stranded.

The Grusses learned that though the couple had scraped together $60, hotels wouldn’t let them stay because they didn’t have any identification. Owing to the lack of proper identification papers, the homeless are often locked-out. So the Grusses decided to help.

They decided to drive the couple to a Super 8 hotel in the area and buy them a stay for three nights, and then reach out to friends in Columbus who could get them more outreach and help. The couple accepted. “They said they’d be willing to do anything, whatever help we were willing to offer, they were happy to accept it,” said George.

George presented his own ID and credit cards secured keys to a room. After taking the couple to their room, George and Joyce said goodbye and kept driving toward Dayton.

However, an hour later, George received a call which revealed the homeless couple had been evicted since the hotel had conducted a ‘surprise check’ on the room and upon finding no ID, had kicked the couple out. Interestingly, the hotel argued that you have to be over 21 and moreover, prove you are of legal age with some identification. The hotel ended the conversation saying, “Oh by the way, your payment is not refundable.”

A petition with regards to the event has already gathered steam online, but the cold and merciless winter nights continue to claim lives and endanger thousands more.

[Image Credit | Spencer Platt/Getty Images]