Man On The Street: Watch Mark Dice Petition For Michelle Obama To Add ‘Soylent Green’ To School Lunches

If there is anyone that truly knows how to expose the ignorance of certain Americans through the “Man on the Street” scenario, that person is Mark Dice. Known for his encyclopedia-like knowledge on secret organizations, including the Illuminati, Dice has been trying to inform fellow Americans of the truth, usually by making examples of them. The Inquisitr reported on his previous “Man on the Street” scenarios including a petition to remove the Third Amendment (restricting the Quartering Act) in which people were more than happy to sign. Dice has been so proactive in citizen enlightenment, the government actually deleted his YouTube channel at one time, sparking conspiracies of Orwellian Dictatorship.

Now, the latest “Man on the Street” scenario is out! This time around, Mark Dice is asking his fellow Californian Americans to support Michelle Obama’s healthy student lunch program by including “Soylent Green.”

The video was first uploaded on YouTube on Mark Dice’s official YouTube Channel. Dice strolls about the San Diego beach pier asking people to sign a petition to add “Soylent Green” to school menus. With each person he stops, Dice gives a quick description of his petition though he doesn’t have to most of the time. A lot of the people just sign the petition without question. Maybe holding a clipboard grants authority to a person. @ho knows?

Infowars also reported on Mark Dice’s “support” for “Soylent Green,” in which people sign the petition for two reasons. First is “Soylent Green” is endorsed by the Obamas. One statement used is not enough kids are being supported by Michelle Obama’s “Soylent Green.”

“Not enough kids are eating Michelle Obama’s soylent green for the lunch program, so we’re just gonna support serving soylent green.”

The man Dice made said statement to enthusiastically signed the petition, proclaiming that he is in with the program. As for the second reason, the program is pro-Democrat or anti-Republican.

“The Republicans are trying to defund it and some of the schools are actually not going along with the program. We just want to make sure all the kids get their Soylent Green and get healthy.”

By the end of the video, only one woman refuses to sign the petition. However, she is unknowing of what “Soylent Green” actually is. As a matter of fact, some of you (especially those of you of younger generations) don’t know what “Soylent Green” is. Famous actor and former National Rifle Association (NRA) president, the late Charlton Heston, describes this amazing super-food the best.


That’s right! Those people who signed the petition just supported cannibalism. To put things into perspective, Soylent Green is a classic American science-fiction movie released back in 1973. It stars Charlton Heston as New York City Police Department Detective Frank Thorn in 2022, a time when the world is plagued by food shortages due to overpopulation. To summarize the plot, Thorn investigates a murder of an elite that leads to the reason why he was killed: the elite knew the truth about a product known as “Soylent Green,” a ration wafer produced by the Soylent Corporation, and that it is made of people who die in hospitals or partake in assisted suicide in euthanasia clinics.

To be fair, many of the people asked to sign the petition were too young to probably know about Soylent Green, even if it is one of Charlton Heston’s best movies. Mark Dice understands this but wonders why people simply don’t ask enough questions.

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