Eileen Davidson’s Blog: ‘RHOBH’ Star Wonders Why Brandi Glanville Isn’t Helping Kim Richards

Eileen Davidson RHOBH

Eileen Davidson’s blog was posted shortly after Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired, and in it, the soap star discussed the recent behavior of Kim Richards, as well as Brandi Glanville’s hesitancy to help.

On February 17, Eileen Davidson’s blog included the following details about last week’s episode.

“Brandi said she thought Kim was in a bad place and extremely vulnerable. She even agreed when Lisa R. brought up the possibility that an intervention might be needed. That’s a pretty big admission to make about your friend who is in recovery.”

Davidson then went on to recount the events, which took place on Tuesday’s episode.

“Brandi’s friend Jennifer, who happens to be an addiction specialist, says Kim taking someone else’s meds is a HUGE red flag. She asks if Kim has a sponsor and is getting the support she needs.”

As a recovering addict herself, Jennifer Gimenez is extremely knowledgable about the topic and has worked with other addicts for years. So, hearing what she had to say let fans, and Glanville and her co-stars, in on some very helpful information.

After hearing what Gimenez had to say about Richards’ behavior, Davidson began wondering why Glanville isn’t stepping up. Throughout the entirety of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5, Glanville has proclaimed herself to be a great friend to Richards, but when it comes to stepping up to the plate to help her through an issue she has acknowledged to Lisa Rinna, she appears to be unwilling.

“Since Kim and Brandi are close friends, why isn’t Brandi encouraging Kim to see a therapist or making sure that she has a sponsor? Brandi seems to think that Kyle doesn’t want to help Kim, leaving Brandi as Kim’s only support system. If that’s true, why isn’t she getting more actively involved?”

Before Eileen Davidson’s blog hit the web, she took to Twitter, where she tweeted to fans, wondering if they agreed that Glanville should step up.

For the most part, Davidson’s followers appeared to agree. Some noted Glanville as an enabler for staying silent as Richards appeared to struggle. Others claimed Glanville was no friend at all.

As for Glanville’s thoughts on Davidson, the Inquisitr recently reported that she’d like to see her fired from the show.

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