Teens Survive Maine Winter Night Out In Frigid Temperatures When Snowmobile Gets Stuck [Video]

Two teens survived a Maine night out in frigid temperatures after venturing into the woods on a snowmobile. WCSH 6 News reports that 15-year-old Ty Howard-Gotto and his friend, Jonah May — also 15-years-old — spent the night out in Mexico, Maine, Monday night.

Gotto says if anyone else not possessing the right skills were out in the same elements that he and May were in, they wouldn’t have done as well.

The boys planned to ride a snowmobile from Mexico to Gotto’s grandfather’s camp in Andover. It was around 7:30 p.m. when the teens missed a turn, went down a different road, and got stuck in some snow when they attempted a trail that wasn’t well enough maintained.

Gotto and May then walked a long distance to a road where they came across a go-cart that had new fuel in it. They used the gas to start a fire and stay warm throughout the night. They used the go-cart to sleep in.

“Because I had my clothes bag with me. I stuffed my T-shirts, whatever, underwear, as insulation and zipped it up,” Gotto said.

After the teens survived the cold Maine night, they woke the next morning and walked to the end of a lake, where a man in a pickup truck pulled over, picked them up, and took them to Gotto’s grandfather’s house.

Gotto seemed a bit less shaken than May after the incident.

“I was a little scared, started thinking about my mother and that stuff, but Ty kept me in line told me we gotta make a fire and push through this.”

Game wardens say the fact that the teens are lucky to have survived a harsh night out in the Maine woods.

“I understand the heart of a 15-year-old boy and I understand the adventure. I would consider this to be a pretty inexpensive lesson,” said Lt. Adam Gormley.


Gotto’s mother is relieved that he and his friend made it out safely. As any mom can imagine, she was a nervous wreck the whole time they were gone.

“I am relieved as heck. It’s been a long night, I was worried stiff.”

According to Portland Press Herald, when the teens didn’t arrive by 10 p.m. Monday, everyone got worried and alerted authorities. Gotto and May arrived back home about 10 a.m. Tuesday. The National Weather Service reveals that it got to a low of minus 12 degrees when the two boys were holed up in the woods.

The teens survived the Maine winter night ordeal with no injuries or signs of hypothermia.

[Photo Credit: Maine Warden Service via WCSH]