Kristen Doute ‘Drinks A Lot,’ Claims ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor Photo

Kristen Doute drinks a lot, according to her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Jax Taylor.

During a February 17 interview, Taylor opened up about how Kristen Doute drinks, and revealed details about the upcoming reunion special.

“I’m not shocked,” Taylor told Wetpaint Entertainment of Doute’s attack on James Kennedy during Scheana Marie’s recently aired wedding episode.

During the reception, Kennedy became intoxicated and began to annoy Doute. After she attempted to leave the party and enjoy a walk with her male friend, Trevor, Doute was confronted by Kennedy and the two engaged in a screaming match, which eventually turned physical, with Doute striking Kennedy in the face twice.

Although the couple’s altercation took place in the parking lot outside of the reception, Marie was understandably upset that her friend, at least at that time, couldn’t avoid causing a scene on her big day.

“Scheana asked for one day without fighting. It’s Scheana’s wedding for God’s sake,” Taylor said.

Taylor, for one, contributed the way Kristen Doute drinks to her and Kennedy’s fight, even though Kennedy had been drinking as well.

“Kristen is a loose cannon and drinks a lot. For someone who’s trying to build their good graces in the group, it doesn’t show that she’s trying to make changes in her life. For someone her age, I think it’s time to pull it together. And that’s coming from me, Jax. I think it says a lot if I’m saying that. There’s times in life where you have to say, ‘maybe I shouldn’t drink,’ because it does get a little out of hand. It baffles me, to be honest, that she was even invited.”

After Doute caused drama during Marie and Mike Shay’s bachelor/bachelorette party, Marie considered rescinding her invite. However, after coming to the conclusion that Doute would behave, she decided to allow her to come.

As for the upcoming reunion special, which recently taped in Los Angeles, Taylor couldn’t say much.

“It was really intense. I honestly thought this year was going to be a little different, but it was just as bad if not worse than last year. It was like target practice on some of us. For some odd reason everything always comes back on me. I don’t know how or why, but you’ll have to see.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor recently discussed Doute and Kennedy’s relationship, telling OK! Magazine it was a joke.

Although Taylor couldn’t say much about the reunion, the issue of how much Kristen Doute drinks is sure to come up at one point or another.

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