Disturbing Audio Captures Queens Teacher Alexander Perry Allegedly Beating Special Ed Student [Audio]

A graphic audio recording of a Queens teacher allegedly beating a 10-year-old student has been released by the child's mother. The verbal and physical attack was captured with another student's cell phone.

Giovanni Garrick, the child's mother, and her attorneys released the audio recording Tuesday that reportedly captures Perry, 36, a special education teacher, allegedly verbally and physically attacking her son on January 23 in a classroom at P.S. 118, the Lorraine Hansberry School in St. Albans, Queens.

On the tape, a man, who is allegedly Alexander Perry, is heard going into a rage about a child he thinks is cheating. About a minute-and-a-half into the recording, the sounds of a physical attack can be heard and the victim begging the teacher to stop.

"What do you do when you don't understand something? What did I tell you last time? Study, right? I told you to study. So you were trying to get over on me. You must think I'm stupid, cause your a** was sitting right there, cheating. Don't I owe you from yesterday? What you did yesterday that I didn't whoop your a** for? Huh, tell me. What didn't I whoop your a** for yesterday?"
**Warning: Graphic content**


According to witnesses, a female assistant teacher pulled Perry off the child. A man, alleged to be Perry, can be heard saying, "Get up, go over there now. You're lucky she stopped me cause I wasn't finished. Now do your d**n test before I smack your a**." He also threatens other students that they better not say anything about the incident.

Alexander Perry was arrested the day of the incident and arraigned on charges of third degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and harassment. He was released on his own recognizance.

Last week, the child's mother filed a $10 million lawsuit against New York City and the Department of Education. She believes the school has been covering for the teacher's bad behavior for years. She alleges the abuse her autistic son has had to endure at the hands of Perry has been ongoing and could help explain the boy's unusual behavior.

"It justifies the fear, the jumpiness of the past two years, just his behavior. You can't even go near him. When you just move too suddenly he jumps out of his skin."
A second mother, Tiefica Sampson, is also moving to sue New York City and the Department of Education. She is alleging Alexander Perry yelled at her daughter and picked up a desk with the child in it and moved it to a corner of the classroom.

According to ABC7, Perry's attorney has issued a statement saying the Queens teacher is "confident his name will be cleared." He has been out of the classroom since the incident and the Department of Education is taking steps to fire him.

[Image via New York City Department of Education]