Beyoncé Reportedly Embarrassed By Kanye At The Grammys

What does Beyoncé think about Kanye’s behavior at The Grammys? Well, it’s been well over a week, and at least one gossip site thinks it has the answer. News Everyday reports that the “Drunk in Love” singer is at odds with her husband, who wants her to keep her feelings about Kanye to herself. This comes on the heels of reports that the singer is jealous of Jay Z’s cozy work relationship with younger singer Rihanna.

Kanye West brazenly stormed the stage during The Grammys when Beck was accepting his reward, but then stopped short before turning around and sitting back down. He laughed it off as a joke and everyone laughed with him. However, he later made comments that Beck should have given his award to Beyoncé, who he felt deserved to win more than Beck. This is the second time in a handful of years that Kanye has displayed similar behavior. In 2009, he stormed up on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor Swift won a Moon Man. He declared then that Beyoncé should have won the award — not Taylor Swift. His behavior during this past Grammys has been compared to that night in 2009, and Beyoncé’s reaction has been the same both times.

It’s easy to believe the gossip reports claiming that the singer is embarrassed by what happened at The Grammy Awards show nearly two weeks ago, but is she really fighting with Jay Z about it? Jay Z and Kanye West have been friends for years, and now their friendship is in jeopardy if you go by what gossip columns have been claiming. The Latino Post is even on the bandwagon, claiming that the singer is nearly fed up with Kanye’s antics. A source close to Hip Hop and R&B’s most powerful couple reportedly spilled the beans.

“Beyoncé’s pissed at Jay Z for allowing Kimye so close to them. Beyoncé and her team have worked very hard to put out the exact image they want out there – it’s super-controlled and managed and manicured. So for Kanye to jump up on stage without it being planned or part of a discussion is exactly the type of drama Beyoncé did not want with Kim and Kanye and the tabloid lives they live.”

This jives with earlier claims that Queen Bey and Jay Z were arguing about how she acted toward Kim in particular during a recent date. Of course, reports of Bey not liking Kim Kardashian have spanned as far back as at least 2012. Gawker covered some of the rumors that circulated about the strained relationship between the two. When you add Kanye’s antics to the mix, who can blame her?

[Photo credit: Billboard]