Lindsey McNamara Missing: Woman Who Threw Raw Bacon At Cops To ‘Feed The Pigs’ Has Vanished — What Happened?

Lindsey McNamara made headlines back in December of 2014 when a video surfaced of her shocking altercation with the Framingham Police Department in Massachusetts. Apparently, the 24-year-old woman felt some kind of way about police officers, so she decided to express her disdain publicly.

According to the New York Daily News, she purchased a box of raw bacon and sausage from Dunkin Donuts, but had no intentions of eating it. Instead, she tossed the box of food at local police officers and smeared the raw meat on the window of a dispatcher car, because she wanted to “feed the pigs.”

Now, she’s mysteriously missing. CBS Boston reports Lindsey was last seen on Saturday, Feb. 15 at P.F. Chang’s in Natick, Massachusetts. The Ashland Police Department posted a notification about the disappearance via Facebook.

“This picture was shared by the family of Lindsey McNamara (DOB 1990), and we are asking that you share it as well. Lindsey was last seen on 02.14.2015 in the area of PF Changs in Natick, where her cell phone was also pinged. We are actively investigating this and any assistance from the public would be appreciated. If you have had contact with Lindsey or have seen her please contact the Ashland Police Department at 508 881 1212 extension 0.”

Unfortunately, the man and woman she was seen with could not be identified because her family had never seen them before. The strange disappearance comes just one week after a judge ruled to drop the malicious destruction of property charge filed against her. She was ordered to pay $150 for disorderly conduct, but faced no additional charges for her actions. Due to her previous run-in with the law, many are wondering if her disappearance had anything to do with the charges being dropped. A number of theories have been purported via Facebook (all quotes presented as published).

“Maybe she was part of the dennis and David Stanley church of the end of times hoax in Uxbridge… all the girls were brainwashed idk sounds like a cult thing to me and they feed on people with psych issues, depression, bipolar, anxiety etc. Just bizarre I hope they find her safe and she returns to her family. My heart goes out to all affected by her disappearance.”

“Seems a bit ironic that now she needs help of law enforcement. I hope she’s okay thou. But never the less after this looks like she won’t be throwing bacon acting like a lunatic.”

“Yes she is the girl, but if anyone remembers or has seen her on the news at her arraignment..she stated “she thought someone was out to get her” and we are hoping that isn’t the case..but something ALL should keep in mind..”

“Mental illness has a way of distorting things… It’s clear she had issues…Don’t turn this into something it’s not…. Just help find her.”

Back in December, her family released a statement explaining that she “needed help was going through a difficult time.” According to 48-Crimesider, McNamara’s mental state also prompted psychiatric evaluation. So, it is unclear whether foul play is suspected or not. No further details have been released.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to contact the Ashland Police Department at 508-881-1212.

[Image via Facebook]