Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Carter’s ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Full Episode Goes Viral On [Video]

Lil Wayne Daughter Party

One sweet 16-year-old party that’s going viral is this “My Super Sweet 16 | Reginae Carter and Lil Wayne,” a video posted on February 17 to MTV’s website, and the full episode of Lil Wayne’s daughter’s birthday party is already the second-most viewed episode on MTV’s list of full episodes. In standard MTV sweet-16 fare, Reginae acts just like the child that wants a super blowout party. In fact, Reginae wants her parents to spend $500,000 for her party, a fact that her mom, Toya Carter — Lil Wayne’s ex-wife — didn’t initially agree with spending. So Reginae jumps on the phone with her dad, and Lil Wayne obliges, telling his daughter that she can have whatever she wants.

“You can have whatever you want, according to me. You’re 16…I hope you enjoy it and deserve it.”

Toya, however, tells the party planner that their budget is $250,000 — and not the $500,000 that Reginae tosses about.

“Just because she’s turning 16 doesn’t mean I’m trying to spend $16 million on a party.”

One reason the full episode of “Lil Wayne’s daughter’s My Super Sweet 16” is going viral, as reported by Us Magazine‎, is because Reginae Carter got two cars, with one being a Ferrari, after Lil Wayne joked with Reginae that his credit card didn’t go through. In the My Super Sweet 16 episode, the Ferrari that’s shown has a price tag of $223,000 — so even though they don’t reveal how much Lil Wayne spent on Reginae Carter’s My Super Sweet 16 party in Atlanta, Georgia, experts guess that it was a lot more than the $500,000 first bandied about.

Drama comes into play when Reginae’s friend Emily is shown in Instagram photos being pictured with a guy named Jadarious that she was rumored to be dating but denied dating. Because of this drama that spills into a bowling outing, and becomes the topic of lunch, Reginae mulls over not inviting Emily to her party — calling the couple a knock-off of Ariana Grande and Big Sean.

Lil Wayne is absent for much of the party planning, because Reginae states that he’s on tour. Meanwhile, as reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne has been busy with his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, an ode to drinking lean with codeine and other raunchy topics. Lil Wayne is shown Skyping with Reginae in the beginning of the My Super Sweet 16 episode, a scene where Reginae teases Lil Wayne about sounding like an old man, and says he’s too close to the web camera.

[Image via MTV My Super Sweet 16 episode]