Meet M1-K0: Mars One Hires Real ‘Martian’ To Colonize The Red Planet [Video]

Mars One, the private non-profit organization crowdsourcing a mission to Mars, has an alien in its midst. The group is planning to land a human colony on the surface of Mars and has narrowed down its applicants, who have voluntarily signed up to die on the red planet, from 200,000, to just 100 people, including a man claiming to be a Martian.

The “Man from Mars” is a 38 year-old Polish man named Mikolaj Zielinski who goes by the name of M1-K0 who claims to have been born 100,100 years ago on Mars. M1-K0, as his personal backstory states, learned of Earth’s habitability long ago and was selected to make the one way trip to colonize our planet. According to his Mars One profile, he is interested in helping us to colonize his former home world.

“I like your curiosity about Mars, and I would like to help you in establishing your first outpost on my home planet.”

M1-K0, along with the other 100 selected voyagers, submitted an online application which was then scrutinized and selected for the next phase. In this phase of the Mars One selection process, M1-KO was required to submit a letter of good health from his physician after which he had a video interview process.

After that, along with the 99 fellow applicants, Zielinski engaged in rigorous selection process in which he demonstrated his ability to work with a team and survive in the harsh conditions that Mars has to offer.

M1-K0 says that part of his reason for partaking in the Mars One mission is that he knows the topography of the red planet very well, and can help us by pointing out where the geothermal sources are and how to navigate its dangers.

“And very importantly, under the planet’s surface, lies an intelligent ocean that likes to play with the minds of alien life forms. It’s good to know how to deal with it.”

The self-described native from Mars finished his bid by saying that he has a wonderful sense of humor and that he loves our jokes, books, and movies about Mars and finds them very funny. His unusual online profile was unique enough to get him noticed by the project managers.

“I am one of the first four Martians to arrive on your planet. After identifying the most developed species on Earth and learning how to interact with it, I am currently determining the following:

● Whether its members fight against or are peaceful towards each other and other species

● Whether they take care of their planet or drive themselves towards self-extermination

● Whether they have established any common aims, and if yes, what those aims are.”

Of course, questions of M1-K0’s sanity are sure to come up, however, part of the selection process for the Mars One mission involves a psychological component to evaluate mental stability, along with other criteria involving a wide range of abilities including creativity, intelligence, and physical stamina.

Regardless of public opinion of the Man from Mars, his application was good enough to beat out 199,999 other applicants, second only to 34 year-old Christian O Knudsen of Denmark, who has the top spot so far.

Do you think M1-KO deserves to be on the Mars One mission?