Man Allegedly Stabbed, 1 Woman Vomited, 3 Arrested During ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Screening In Scotland

Three women at a Fifty Shades of Grey screening in Scotland were arrested for allegedly stabbing a man with shards from a broken wine bottle. The victim attempted to quiet down the rowdy women during the movie in Glasgow, Scotland.

An eyewitness named Michael Bolton spoke to the Telegraph about the alleged stabbing. He reported that one of the woman stabbed the man during the Fifty Shades of Grey screening. One of the women was in handcuffs, while the other two were brought to tears. Meanwhile, there was an intoxicated group of women vomiting in the aisle during the movie, including several complaints from the other screening about the drunk and rowdy women.

This strange news happened during the opening weekend. There should be more ridiculous news stories to emerge as Fifty Shades of Grey continues to dominate the international box office. In addition to the stabbing, Bolton also reported that Fifty Shades of Grey was the “worst film I have ever seen.” However, the movie theater sure provided its own share of entertainment.

The three women were arrested at the Fifty Shades of Grey showing after allegedly stabbing and beating up the male moviegoer. The women ranged in age from 31 to 51, according to Lightly Buzzed. They reportedly became angry after the male moviegoer told them to be quiet when Fifty Shades of Grey was playing. Several reports said that the man was stabbed with a broken wine bottle, but authorities shot down this rumor, saying that the man was not stabbed during the screening.

A representative from Grovsenor Cinema confirmed that the incident indeed happened on Saturday evening. However, the spokesperson has quashed the reports that the man was stabbed during the screening.

“This was an isolated incident that was dealt with rapidly by cinema staff and stewards, as a result of which, Police Scotland attended and made an arrest. Despite press reports, nobody was glassed and a wine bottle was not used as a weapon. Those involved did not require hospital attention. We welcomed nearly 2,000 customers over the weekend, including four further showings on Saturday night which passed without incident.

Three women have been arrested for alleged disorder offences and inquiries continue to determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident. [sic]”


This isn’t the only strange piece of news to come out of the opening weekend for Fifty Shades of Grey. The Inquisitr reported that hundreds of teens stormed an Ocoee movie theater in Florida on Valentine’s Day night. They were refused from seeing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie since they didn’t have parental permission. The rowdy group caused a scene with fistfights, drugs, and theft. One of the teenagers was arrested for battery and resisting an officer, while a second teen was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges.

As for the man that was allegedly stabbed, he was luckily wasn’t injured or killed during the strange incident. How would you tame a rowdy group during a Fifty Shades of Grey (or any movie) screening?

[Image: Universal Pictures]