Muscle Barbie: Meet Julia Vins – The Beautiful Powerlifting 18-Year-Old Woman Who Can Deadlift 400lbs [Photos]

Julia Vins is 18 years 0ld, but she definitely does not look like your average teenage girl. According to Daily Mail, Julia has the face of a porcelain doll, but looks are definitely deceiving because there’s much more than what meets the eye.

The Russian beauty, known as “Muscle Barbie,” actually has the body of a hulk and can deadlift 400 pounds. Julia, who began lifting weights at the age of 15, almost immediately developed a desire to build muscle. Now, the beautiful powerhouse has broken three world powerlifting records and she’s still at the beginning of her career!

Here are Julia’s measurements, via the Mirror.

“Height: 165 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Biceps: 40.5 cm

Chest: 98 cm

Waist: 66 cm

Pelvis: 102 cm

Thigh: 67 cm”

During a recent interview, she shared details about her goals and aspirations as a body builder. She also shared her opinion of the catchy “Muscle Barbie” nickname and the overwhelming public response she’s received. Although many are quite astonished to see such a muscular female, there are some men who are intimidated by her massive physique and weightlifting abilities.

“People know me as “Muscle Barbie” – I like this comparison. It’s nice. I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong. I can deadlift 180kg in training. I want to become as big as possible. Everyone has an opinion on what I look like — they either respect my work or reprimand me for being a muscular girl… But to be honest, I’ve noticed that the guys who are negative about my athleticism — are just jealous. Because of my facial features, people have always said I look like a doll. And I was a good, academic girl for so many years. I studied music, was well-read, participated in various school competitions and was skilled at art. But I never felt like I had any particular objective in life. My body was not in harmony with my soul — it wasn’t the right one for me.”

Julie also revealed an interesting fact about her athletic physique. Although it’s quite obvious she’s a weightlifting fanatic, she revealed she’s never been interested in sports. She also recounted how her fascination with weightlifting.


“I had no interest in sport but I was lost. I thought I might see if I could build some strength and confidence by weight training at the gym. I started copying exercises that the male gym-goers did. It did not make me strong but then I started power-lifting. I loved it! I knew then that my goal was — to build muscle.”

Although she’s had many critics over the years, she revealed her family and boyfriend, Sergei, are very supportive. Julia doesn’t know where’d she be if she hadn’t taken the road she’s traveled.

“Many people have tried to knock me down but my training has made me strong — both physically and mentally. I’m no ordinary doll. I hope everyone finds their true calling in life like I did. I don’t like to think of what I would have become if I wasn’t Muscle Barbie.”

[Image(s) via Instagram]