DeLorean iPhone Case Inspired By ‘Back To The Future II’ Looks Ridiculously Uncomfortable, Is Still Awesome

An iPhone case inspired by the DeLorean from Back To The Future II has been created, and it’s set to be released just in time for the original film’s 30th anniversary.

The case, which, let’s face it, also looks like a toy that you could easily spend hours playing with, was recently announced by Japanese toy manufacturer, Bandai.

You can check out their promotional video for the sensational product, which any self-respecting movie fan will instantly pine for, below.

The design, which is part of the company’s “Crazy Case” releases, has perfectly brought to life the time-traveling automobile that Doc Brown and Marty McFly used in Back To The Future: Part II to travel to 2015.

This Back To The Future iPhone 6 phone-case is available to purchase for 5,940 yen, which comes in at around $50. That doesn’t include postage and packaging, though. And that will probably see the price rise quite a bit more if you’re looking to have product sent to the United States of America.

Bandai have gone to rather incredible lengths to re-create the iconic cinematic automobile. The phone itself replaces the chassis and bottom of the vehicle. Meanwhile, there are LED lights and moveable elements to the case that allow you to gain access to the phone’s accessories.

According to Yahoo! Movies UK, in order to use the camera, you have to move the bonnet, while you’ll also need to retract a wheel in order to adjust the volume. Unlike the actual DeLorean from Back To The Future Part II, the car’s wheels are permanently locked into hover mode.

However, despite the fact that it is obviously automatically the greatest phone case ever created, it doesn’t really look like the most practical. Plus, one can only imagine that it is incredibly uncomfortable once try to walk around with it in their pockets.

All of that doesn’t really matter, though. Because once you start showing it off to all of your friends, families, acquaintances, movie-buffs, and anyone who you even slightly hold eye-contact with, you’ll instantly become the coolest person in any room you’re in.

The release of this Back To The Future II inspired phone case will also be followed by self-tying shoes, which also featured in the hugely popular sequel.

Unfortunately, we’re all still waiting patiently for time-travel to become a reality though. Then, fans of Back To The Future II will be able to truly honor the film and its characters.