NC Senator Jeff Jackson’s Tweets Go Viral As He Becomes A One-Man Legislating Legend

Much of North Carolina is under a sheet of ice after Monday’s weather, and Senator Jeff Jackson has been having fun, being the only person who made it into the office this morning — at least, according to his tweets. For much of Tuesday, Senator Jackson tweeted about being the only legislator in the building, and the things he’d pass if he could legislate with everyone else out.

It started with a post Monday night, showing how empty the building was — very much in tune with the usual jokes about southern states “shutting down” over a few snowflakes.

On Tuesday morning, though, Senator Jackson began to notice that the building still seemed pretty empty.

He began to tweet the things he’d do as a one-man legislating “team.”

Jackson’s posts began to go viral, shared by thousands from his Twitter and his Facebook page, and it seems some lobbyists noticed and became alarmed.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s social media pages began to be flooded with approving messages.

“You, Sir, are FANTASTIC. Please tell me when you’re running for an office I can vote you into – you represent many of us! Keep up the good work!”

“We need more politicians like you in the world!”

We’re not sure if Senator Jeff Jackson got any actual work done today, but he certainly got the attention of his constituents, made the best of bad weather, and got some laughs.

[Photo: Senator Jeff Jackson]