Bobbi Kristina Update: Cops Reportedly Desperate To Have A ‘Sit Down’ With Nick Gordon

Following the recent suspected suicide attempt by the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, police have opened a full criminal investigation into the incident and are reportedly very keen to have some quality “sit down” time with Brown’s so-called husband, Nick Gordon.

Despite being asked to do so, according to a Radar Online report today, Gordon is yet to have a formal interview with the police, who want to ask him a couple of questions.

For starters, according to an inside source, the cops, “very much want to talk to Nick Gordon for obvious reasons,” but those reasons might not be all that obvious to everyone.

The source explained that the police are interested, among other things,in whether or not Gordon and Brown argued in the weeks leading up to her suspected suicide.

“They want to know if the couple had argued in the time leading up to the incident. Building a timeline of Bobbi Kristina’s movements and actions are very much part of the investigation. There are holes, and it would be helpful if Nick could try and fill those gaps. At this point, however, Nick hasn’t been interviewed, and is under no obligation to do so.”

For his part, Gordon has already been stopped from visiting Bobbi Kristina in hospital, by her family as well as hospital staff and security. But that hasn’t stopped him from going ahead and debuting an all-new tattoo of her name on his arm.

The image, which he posted on Facebook on Sunday, shows Gordon still in a tattoo parlor chair, proudly showing off his left forearm that’s freshly marked with the words “Bobbi Kristina.”

As of the writing of this article, Nick Gordon’s attorney hadn’t responded to requests to comment on the whereabouts of is client, and why, more importantly, he has delayed sitting down with the police, raising suspicions that he may just have something to hide.