‘Interstellar’ Comes Back To IMAX With Special Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Despite the fact that Interstellar divided fans and critics alike, the film managed to bring in over $670 million during its duration in theaters. While there are many different reasons the film did so well (you can credit that to the attractive power of Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, or the provocative script), one aspect that is nearly uncontested is its stunning visuals — which looked stunning on IMAX screens. Yet, despite the countless many who went to see Interstellar, only a small percentage managed to see it in IMAX. If you were one of many who missed it in IMAX — or if you just want to experience it all again — Interstellar will be available to see in select IMAX theaters for one day only, AMC Theatres reports (via Cinema Blend).

“Next Saturday, February 21 at 3 [p.m.], Interstellar returns in its full IMAX glory at select AMCs, followed by 12 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Even better, when you buy one ticket to this encore showing, you get the second one free! This deal is only available at the box office, so make sure to get there early to avoid being sold out. Plus, the first 300 guests at the showing will take home a gorgeous, limited edition set of Interstellar prints.”

One of the big positives to come out of this showing is that you can bring someone along with you at no extra cost, which we’re sure is great for movie buffs who have to coerce their friends into going. But why the random one-day Interstellar release from Paramount? One of Cinema Blend‘s theories is that it’s a final attempt to cash on some Oscar buzz before the awards ceremony, which will take place the night following the showing.

Interstellar Visuals
One of the inarguable strengths of 'Interstellar' lies in its visuals.

Interstellar is up for five Academy Award nominations this year, including best visual effects, best sound design, best sound mixing, best original score, and best production design. Unfortunately, the film didn’t manage to lock down any nominations in the best film or best director categories, which are categories that Nolan’s been cracking at for a while now. As mentioned prior, Interstellar is something of a divisive film, and many people are either truly moved by its mind-bending nature, or put off by its perceived pretentiousness.

Regardless, even if you were underwhelmed by Interstellar‘s execution as a whole, one last opportunity to experience its visual splendor in IMAX isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? For a list of IMAX theaters that will be showing Interstellar, click here.