Tiffany Two Is The World’s Oldest Cat, According To Guinness, Find Out Just How Old She Is

Cats. The internet is purportedly made up of them, and the world wide web is smitten with them. However, despite the immortality that the WWW provides, every furry comedian has its time, like any other living creature. One cat has trumped all other cats. It has seen the presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and obviously, Barack H. Obama.

Tiffany Two is as old as Windows 2.1, which means she is older than Windows 3.0 – Windows 3.0 being the oldest Windows version most people can recall. So, just how old is Tiffany Two, the Guinness World Records’ old cat?

According U~T San Diego, Tiffany Two will be 125 years old next month. Well, that is in cat years, of course. In human years, she is actually 26 years old. She can smoke, drink, go to war, and, in certain eras, would be married by now. Her human owner is Sharron Voorhees, retired lawyer and at least 26 years an animal lover.

The Guinness World Record holder was picked up in 1988, but Voorhees’ story of the longest living cat actually goes back further. Tiffany Two has a “two” after her name, after all.

In the 1970s, she had procured a tortoise-shell cat that reminded her of Tiffany and Co. lamps, so the cat was called Tiffany. To be particular, Tiffany One, you might call her. Tiffany One died of cancer, and it took Sharron many years to consider another furry feline friend. Then, according to Time magazine, Voorhees happened to find another tortoise-shell cat.

It was love at first meow. The connection was instant, and Tiffany Two joined Sharron’s life. She feels it was destiny that brought them together.

“Sometimes I wonder if she’s Tiffany One come back to live a second life. Two lives in one.”

Prior to Tiffany Two, the oldest cat to have lived to 38 years old. That Texas cat was named Creme Puff. Creme Puff passed away in 2005. Will Tiffany Two, the current cat record holder, out live Creme Puff, the original oldest cat? That is tough to say, but some say tortoise-shell cats tend to live longer than other felines. However, no specific proof can be found.

The nature of all things is that they pass away. Sadly, even the most iconic cats have passed on to that great litter box in the sky. The Inquistir reported last January about the passing of Colonel Meow, one of the most popular grumpy cats, second only to Grumpy Cat.

[Image Via Guinness World Records]