Joe Biden Accused Of Being Way Too Touchy-Feely With New Defense Secretary’s Wife

Joe Biden has once again gotten a little too close for comfort to someone, and this time round, the Vice President saw it fitting to place his hands squarely on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, the wife of the new Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, during her husband’s inaugural speech.

Not only did Biden stand close behind Mrs. Carter, with his palms resting on her shoulders, he was also photographed whispering something to her and he stood behind her suggestively as her husband gave his “meet the press” speech at the White House.

This isn’t the first time that Joe Biden has been spotted getting touchy-feely with the opposite sex.

The Washington Post reported that just last month, the V.P. came under fire for snuggling up to Maggie Coons, the daughter of Delaware Senator Chris Coons, at his swearing-in ceremony.

Even though Senator Coons later revealed that Biden was a “close family friend” of many years, the Vice President received some criticism, and was called “creepy” by some in the media.


For his part, Carter has replaced Chuck Hagel and becomes President Barack Obama’s fourth Defense Secretary during his two terms in office.

Carter has a wealth of experience when it comes to Defense, having held numerous positions at the department for many years, even though he, himself, has never served in the army.

The usual tweets that one would expect after such an image of Joe Biden getting close with another female emerges were forthcoming, like Brad Thor, a Fox News author, who wrote, “Just once, I’d like to see a husband in this situation knock Joe Biden out,” stating, “If Joe Biden did this to my wife, SHE’D knock him out. I’d have to take a number and wait my turn…”

But it has to be a tweet from conservative blogger Michelle Malkin that really takes the biscuit. Although it was short — just one word, in fact — it summed up the comments made about Biden perfectly, calling him simply an “a**clown.”