Did Vincent Van Patten Insult Lisa Rinna? Eileen Davidson’s Husband Disses Her Acting Abilities?

Lisa Rinna CSI

Vincent Van Patten may have gotten on the bad side of Lisa Rinna during filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5. According to a new report, the soap star was insulted when Van Patten, the husband of Eileen Davidson, casts her as a narrator during a table read.

On February 17, 2Paragraphs released the following details regarding tonight’s new episode of the Bravo reality series.

“Eileen Davidson hosts a ‘table read’ for her husband [Vincent Van Patten]’s Hollywood script. They invite former child stars Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, and ‘the two Lisas’ – former actress Lisa Vanderpump and veteran soap opera actress Lisa Rinna.”

Since Rinna is a working actress, the news of her narrator role came as an unwelcome surprise.

“What a waste of my talent!” she huffed.

Then, after discovering Vanderpump was only given two lines, she felt a bit better.

While the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the first for Rinna, and for Vincent Van Patten, she’s caused quite the commotion on the show. Because she is unwilling to allow Kim Richards’ issues go unnoticed, her co-stars, and fans, either love her or hate her.

Although some respect Rinna for choosing to face the issue head-on in an effort to get Richards the help she seemingly needs, others feel it isn’t her place to confront Richards about the subject.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna brought up Richards’ issues to her in an upcoming episode of the show. After speaking to Vanderpump, Rinna was told it wasn’t really her place to bring up the topic to Richards. However, having dealt with addiction in the past, Rinna felt it was her duty to speak up.

“You can get help,” Rinna tells Richards in a sneak peek clip.

“You can talk to people.”

Unfortunately, Richards doesn’t like Rinna’s gesture, and felt bombarded by the accusation of her possibly having relapsed. In fact, their feud has continued well past filming, and recently flooded into Twitter.

“Mab she can’t look because she knows she’s doing wrong. [Pray] for her,” Richards tweeted of Rinna last week.

Although Rinna didn’t directly respond to Richards’ tweet, she did share a meme, which seemed to have something to do with their drama.

It read, “I’m sorry. That’s f**king bulls**t.”

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