Scorned Girlfriend’s Revenge: See How She Got Even With Her Cheating Boyfriend [Video]

Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Cheating boyfriends are nothing new. But, in any case, it’s always devastating to learn of a lover or spouse’s betrayal. The mixed emotions that follow can vary from person to person. However, there are some situations when the scorned lover’s retaliation is just as bad as the deceit — sometimes worse. A new video of a scorned girlfriend definitely shows the aftermath can be much worse. Apparently, she discovered her boyfriend had been cheating so she decided to get even. Now, her idea for revenge has gone viral.

On Feb. 16, footage of the scorned girlfriend was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The two-minute clip starts with the scorned girlfriend hitting her cheating boyfriend’s car with what appears to be a metal object. As the person filming walks closer, the horrific message she’d spray-painted on the car also came into view. The passenger side of the white Impala now reads, “”Punk a** little d**k n***a.” However, the humiliating message wasn’t all. As the video continues, she can be seen walking away from the car. But, her crafty work wasn’t done. She walked back toward the vehicle with a knife and flattened the tires. Then, she busted the windows.

Although the shocking video has been viewed by more than 350,000 viewers, it has received mixed reviews. Many viewers found the footage comical and felt the cheating boyfriend deserved what he got, while others argued that the damage to his car wasn’t worth the consequences she’d face for vandalism and property damage. Some even expressed that her actions were immature and argued the hypocrisy in the humiliating phrase she wrote on his car.

“Property damage 1k-5k is a Felony. Up to Five years in prison. if his POS impala is worth 5k-10k it Up to 10 years in prison. People like this need to sit in jail for 2-3 years just to think about how dumb they are.”

“She’s going to jail and will have pay $10,000 for damages. She still lost lol.”

“That’s because women don’t use logic. They only react with emotions….hence situations like this. Ridiculous “

Did the cheating boyfriend get what he deserved or did the scorned girlfriend go too far? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]