Why Did Sia, Kelly Osbourne, and Kathy Griffin Get Tossed Out Of A Movie Theater?

Sia Kelly Osbourne Kathy Griffin

Kelly Osbourne has been known for her foul-mouthed antics since she first became one of the earliest faces of reality TV, back when The Osbournes premiered more than a decade ago. That was around the same time that Sia first began to gain prominence with her single “Breathe Me.” Who knew at the time that the two would find themselves with Kathy Griffin at a screening of the Scarlett Johansson-led existential alien flick Under the Skin — at least temporarily, that is.

Kelly recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to tell the story of when she, Sia, and Kathy were booted out of a screening of the film because of a combination of Osbourne’s giggling and abrasive language. Sia and Griffin, with whom Kelly co-hosts Fashion Police, was innocent in the adventure, according to Osbourne.

“It was Scarlett Johansson’s new movie and it was very artsy — men with big boners going into black liquid — and I was just giggling through the whole thing because I thought I was going to see a comedy… Needless to say I got me, Sia and Kathy kicked out.”

Not everyone was as amused by Kelly’s story as she was. CinemaBlend noted that Osbourne’s loud movie behavior alongside Sia and Griffin is an example of “improper theater etiquette.” Something they say Kelly has no excuse for forgetting.

“As a celebrity who’s covered the red carpet for a number of Hollywood events, even the Oscars, for E!, she should know how to act when one of their works are on display. Movies are escapism, and you don’t wanna be that person who ruins the experience by laughing at one of the more dramatic moments. But at the very least we’re glad she wasn’t texting or taking selfies of the screen.”

Aside from Sia’s involvement, the event is interesting due to some rumors circulating that Osbourne was not too pleased that Kathy had taken over Joan Rivers’ position on Fashion Police — a job Radar reports Kelly had her eye on.

“After Joan died, Kelly truly thought that she was going to be the face of Fashion Police. But then when it became known that Joan would only want Kathy to fill her shoes, Kelly was hurt. Word got back to Kathy that Kelly did not approve of this decision, nor did she agree with the salary arrangement. So instead of beating around the bush, Kathy simply confronted her about it.”

Jimmy Kimmel also got in a joke about Sia’s tendency to perform with her back to the audience or her face covered, wondering to Kelly Osbourne if Sia had watched the movie with face to the screen or the projector.

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