Ancient Christian Confraternity Stops Filming of Latest ‘James Bond’

The latest film in the James Bond franchise has had to stop filming, yet again.

The director of the latest Bond movie, Sam Mendes, is filming in Rome. Specifically, Mendes wanted to shoot some scenes in the ancient Verano Cemetery.

Verano is the final resting place for such Italian icons as poet Goffredo Mameli. The ancient Roman burial grounds also houses other notable Italians such as Vittorio De Sica and Giuseppe Ungaretti.

So when the Bond director tried to shoot a funeral scene for the 24th Bond movie, Spectre, in the cemetery, his plan was “torpedoed by the Archconfraternity of the Departed,” according to the Guardian. The ancient religious order is trying to protect the “2,000-year-old site” which is built “in the ruins of an ancient necropolis.”

The Archconfraternity of the Departed have “blocked the arrival” of the Bond director and his crew, according to the Daily Mail.

Also, “They won’t want an invasion of trucks and heavy goods vehicles inside the cemetery.”

With yet another setback, the Bond film has had to move filming locations. The crew had to scramble to find another place to film the necessary scene.

An official request had to be sent to the office of Mayor Ignazio Marino, “to film part of the footage previously expected to be filmed at the Cemetery of Verano, at the space in front of the Museum of Roman Civilisation following technical problems that have arisen with the Arciconfraternita dei Trapassati.”

This is just another in a long line of setbacks that the latest Bond film has had to face.

Roman officials also banned filming at “the intersection of four 16th century fountains.” In that scene, Bond was “due to take part in a high-speed pursuit,” but officials were worried, “because they were too fragile and too close to Italy’s presidential palace.”

Also, the film’s star, Daniel Craig, suffered from a sprained knee in the beginning of February that delayed filming for a very short while. The small injury did cause an issue though.

According to a source as seen on Design & Trend, “Filming deadlines are so tight, any sort of delay can bring mayhem to the schedules.”

While the actor was able to resume filming in a couple of days, it still caused some schedules to be pushed back in Bond’s latest adventure.

The latest James Bond film seems to keep having setback after setback, although it is still set to be released in theaters in November of 2015.

[Photo Courtesy of Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images]