New Michael Jackson Book To Come Out Despite Millions Spent To Block It

A company in Basel, Switzerland has announced today that they have successfully obtained exclusive rights to market a book by Michael Jackson's business manager and confidant, Dieter Wiesner.

Many books have been written and published since Michael Jackson died. In fact, there are currently at least 227 books published and available and apparently even more are forthcoming.

However, the latest book, to be financed and handled by Artlima AG, is something different. It is written by the one person who managed Michael Jackson during the last decade of his life. Wiesner was responsible for the hiring and firing of people around Jackson and was privy to much confidential information on his boss and the people who surrounded him. He worked as his business manager from 1996 to 2003.

Wiesner has access to a large amount of exclusive and unreleased material on the King of Pop, material that is apparently making some people nervous. Because of this, more than a million dollars has been spent in legal fees in Germany by Michael Jackson's estate, trying to block this book.

Following a battle covering three years in the German courts, finally that country's highest court has ruled in Wiesner's favor, giving him full rights to publish his book, not only in German, but in any language worldwide. The book is to be published in both paperback by Random House and also as an audio book which will contain voice messages.

On top of this, Wiesner has started a channel on the popular video sharing platform YouTube, where he intends to share exclusive material with Michael's fans. He will also share his own, more personal experiences with Jackson on that platform.

A spokesperson for Artlima Ag said it is time for everyone to know who Michael Jackson actually was and what happened to him.

"It is time for the public to know, first hand, who Michael was, what actually happened. Not only from Mr. Wiesner but also directly from Michael! Artlima stands behind freedom of speech and information. We are happy to financially support this project."
Besides the book, Artlima AG has something really unique for any art collectors out there. They have the original working paper for the song "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson. The company bought the paper from Wiesner and it is apparently a unique document, containing the ideas Jackson scribbled down for his magna opus song "Smooth Criminal."

According to the company, it is possible to observe firsthand how Jackson formed the words of the song, played with the ideas in his mind and presented the music on paper, including the crescendo and rallentando moment of the song. Apparently, Jackson's fingerprints are still in evidence, all over the document.

Collectors would need quite a bit of money behind them to make the purchase, however, as according to Artlima AG, the minimum bid for the paper is U.S.$3 million. The website offers photos of the document.

Artlima AG is an international business company, based in Switzerland, who have a focus on financing, licensing, and the management of art.

Wiesner has a website with many images of himself with Michael Jackson over the years, that he is now able to share with the public. In the following video from his YouTube channel, Dieter Wiesner speaks of a gift Michael Jackson received from Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

In other news about Michael Jackson, the Inquisitr reports his son Prince has published a letter on his 18th birthday, telling the world how his father was "an incredible human being."

[Images: Dieter Wiesner screengrab from video, Michael Jackson CC BY-SA 2.0 Francesco]