Jade Roper: Eliminated ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Could Be Next ‘Bachelorette’ Despite Playboy Appearance

Jade Roper: Eliminated 'Bachelor' Contestant Could Be Next 'Bachelorette' Despite Playboy Appearance

Jade Roper may have seen her run on The Bachelor come to an end, but it may not be the end of the road for the contestant with the racy past.

Jade, who was eliminated by Bachelor Chris Soules, was one of the most memorable contestants this year. After her hometown date, Jade dropped a bombshell when she admitted that she had posed in Playboy. The pictures didn’t seem to be a problem for Chris Soules — or at least, that’s what he told Jade.

“We had that conversation and I felt like he was being honest with me and when I didn’t get the rose he sat down with me and he made it very clear that that wasn’t the reason I went home so I’d like to believe it,” Roper said on Good Morning America. “I don’t feel like there was anything else that went on that would have changed it.”

It was a revelation many thought would keep her from the running to be the next Bachelorette, but others think it might make Jade from the Bachelor an even more interesting pick. HollywoodLife made a pitch for Jade Roper to become the next centerpiece of the ABC reality dating series.

“What more does ABC want from a Bachelorette? Sure, she’s got a past: she posed for Playboy years ago. But who doesn’t have a past? I’m not saying that everyone poses nude, but let’s think about it: some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood have done Playboy or Maxim or some sort of naked spread. From Madonna and Farrah Fawcett to Drew Barrymore and Cindy Crawford.”

The Bachelor franchise has certainly done well with controversial contestants in the past. Former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavas was likely the most disliked contestant in the show’s history, but his season generated big ratings and plenty of attention beyond the show’s traditional audience.

If ABC does decide to select Bachelor castoff Jade Roper as its next Bachelorette, it could be a while before fans find out. There is no word yet on when the 11th season of the show might air, or when the new contestant could be announced.