WWE News: The Undertaker Versus Bray Wyatt Now Confirmed For WrestleMania 31

It has been rumored for months that WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt would take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. The only issue is that WWE has no idea if Undertaker could return. If he could, would he pursue revenge on Brock Lesnar? He did end the streak after all. A lot of questions came about when Taker lost last year. However, WWE has decided to take a different approach. They want to build up a man to sort of take the place of the Deadman.

Bray Wyatt fits this quite well, and a match between the two makes sense on paper. However, could it be executed well? Would Taker lose yet again?

According to Cageside Seats, we’re going to find out soon. It is planned that Wyatt will reveal that his recent promos have been about The Undertaker. This would then confirm that Wyatt will take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. The last month or so, Wyatt has been doing mysterious promos about someone. However, you could put just about anyone in the place of those promos and it probably could have worked. However, this past week on WWE RAW Wyatt massively teased a storyline with The Undertaker.

It was not only spelled out for us, but it was so obvious that I knew 5-year-old kids who got it.

The idea is that The Undertaker could appear to agree to a match with Wyatt in the next few weeks. WWE could have him show up at WWE Fast Lane or have him show up on a WWE RAW episode in the next week or two. Many believe it’ll be on WWE RAW as WWE could grab a ratings boost with him showing up.

Undertaker Mania

WWE already has Sting set for WWE Fast Lane, so Taker is not exactly needed for the event. Besides, Wyatt currently does not have a match on the show so it would be tough to have Undertaker just show up.

On WWE RAW, he would be thrown into something.

The current storyline plan for the two is that Bray Wyatt will be calling out The Deadman basically to say that he is done in his death. In that death, Wyatt is taking his place. So the struggle between the two will be over the past versus the future. It makes for an interesting story.

However, at the end of the day, fans want to know that The Undertaker can actually perform well. If he cannot perform to the best of his abilities then it would be a bad idea to bring him back only to look bad. We know Wyatt is very skilled in the ring and a fantastic character. However, he is under 30 years old so we expect him to move well. The Undertaker is over 20 years his senior.

Many fans feel like there is no reason to bring The Undertaker back this year. Regardless of who he faces, many see the idea of another Taker match moronic after “The Streak” ended. Despite how fans like this feel, Undertaker will be entering a program with Wyatt for WrestleMania 31. Let us hope it is an impressive showing.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, Fansided]