Beyoncé Backlash Is Brewing: Is Kanye West Partially To Blame?

In 2014, Beyoncé could do no wrong. She was riding high from the release of her self-titled surprise album in late 2013 and won praise for just about every public performance. But there was a huge disconnect between the public and the media, leaving many (probably falsely) accusing her of paying media outlets to hype her up. A backlash against Beyoncé started brewing, but it wasn’t serious at first.

Beyoncé’s backlash started to take on a more vicious form when the media praised her recent MTV VMA performance as the best thing that ever happened. However, many users on Twitter and other social media outlets bashed the performance and wondered why the media was refusing to report on that. It certainly didn’t bother Beyoncé; there has always been a backlash against superstars on Twitter. After all, Beyoncé ended up getting several Grammy nominations. For the most part, however, she was snubbed. Music Mic described the shock and how Kanye West became involved.

“When Prince announced that Beck’s Morning Phase had won album of the year at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, jaws dropped around America. Kanye West leaped on stage, nearly repeating his infamous ‘I’mma let you finish…’ moment from the 2009 Video Music Awards. He turned around before he got to the mic, but he should have gone all the way and said what everyone was waiting for: Beyoncé had one of the best R&B pop albums the world has ever heard. She should have won album of the year, hands down.”

After articles like this, Beyoncé’s critics once again jumped to the conclusion that she was paying media outlets to stan for her. After all, the reaction from social media, especially Twitter, was that Beck was an actual musician who didn’t rely on a bunch of rent-a-producers and stylish songwriters. The backlash Beyoncé received after the Grammys became more brutal than ever.


According to EurWeb, even 50 Cent believes Beck deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year over Beyoncé.

“He produced the record, wrote the record, it’s eleven producers on Beyoncé’s album. Kanye being a producer and a writer should see that. I don’t think people care about those establishments anymore. My reasons for going to awards shows is my peers being there to acknowledge the work… if it means that we get to choose ourselves, who deserves what award, then why would I show up for them to tell me?”

While Kanye West thought he was helping Beyoncé, he did more harm to her image, which more people are seeing through every day. Beyoncé has handled the backlash against her graciously. However, a great PR team can’t handle the viciousness of the general public, which is unleashing on Beyoncé more than ever.
[Photo Credit: Bloggles]