Michael Jackson Called 'Incredible Human Being' In Letter

The oldest son of the late Michael Jackson celebrated his birthday on Friday by taking time to remember those closest to him, most important, his father.

The 18-year-old penned a letter to his father, the King of Pop, that was, according to Philly.com, "heartfelt."

In the letter, which Jackson's son posted on Twitter, Prince refers to Michael as "incredible." Prince begins the letter stating that he wanted to thank a few people before hitting this milestone birthday.

Michael's son wrote, "Before I turn 18 tomorrow I really want to thank a few (people) and first is obviously my dad."

Prince then refers to Michael as "an incredible human being" and goes on to say that, "not only did he give me the gift of live he gave me an incredible opportunity to make something of myself."

The young Jackson went on to thank other family members who helped raise him after his father's 2009 death.

Prince mentioned his "cousin/guardian" TJ before thanking his grandmother, Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson. Prince showed gratitude for their "sacrifices" and for "being an inspiration to keep going no matter what."

Eighty-four-year-old Katherine and 36-year-old TJ Jackson were made the legal guardians of Prince and Jackson's two other children, Paris 16, and Blanket, 12, after Jackson suffered cardiac arrest and unexpectedly died in 2009.

People shared their support with Prince and his father, Michael, sending positive messages to the young man on his birthday on Friday.

According to Radar Online, the now 18-year-old Jackson heir will be heading to college after graduating from Buckley Private School in Sherman Oaks, California instead of following in Michael's footsteps.

The woman Prince expressed so much gratitude to, Michael's mother, is doing her best to keep Prince on a straight and narrow path and got "real upset" at the thought of Prince thinking of doing any kind of reality show. She clearly has other plans for Jackson's oldest child.

And while he may be gone, it is quite clear through Prince's letter that Michael Jackson will never be forgotten.

[Photo Courtesy of Handout/Getty Images]