Flower Fail: Customer Complaints Flood Online Flower Companies After Valentine’s Day Fail

Flower fail

A major flower fail has put online flower companies in the news this week. According to Mashable, several people who ordered bouquets from 1-800 Flowers were completely dissatisfied with their orders. The company has been fielding complaint calls all week, and sources say that there was a call every five minutes at one point.

Several people took to social media to show off their Valentine’s Day flowers, but several were unhappy with their gifts. Some believe that the weather may have been to blame for the unhealthy looking bouquets, but some arrangements were just not up to snuff.

Check out some of the flower fails below.

Aside from dying flowers, some customers received worse. According to Consumerist, several 1-800 Flowers customers and several ProFlowers customers did not receive their orders at all. At least one customer tweeted about receiving an empty flower box, while another said his credit card was charged, but nothing was ever delivered. Then there were a bunch of people who ordered a specific bouquet, and received something completely different. For example, one customer ordered a dozen red roses, but received several wilted multicolored roses instead.

A flower fail on Valentine’s Day is pretty significant, as that’s really the one day out of the year that thousands of people order flowers from online delivery companies.

Another Valentine’s Day story made headlines this week, and that one will undoubtedly make you smile. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man arranged for his wife to receive flowers on V-Day each year after he passed away to ensure that she’d never go without flowers again. You can read about that here. No word on where the man purchased the bouquets, but the woman’s flowers looked lovely.

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]