Psychic Readings, Or Belief In Them, Are On The Increase

Psychic readings, clairvoyance, fortune-telling, spiritualism, crystal balls, and all things occult – some would say that it is ridiculous to hear anybody mentioning any of these with a straight face at times when humankind sends probes to comets, grows artificial organs, and explores Mars. The majority of people, however, don't share this opinion – most surveys show that a percentage of people who believe in psychic readings and suchlike grows from year to year.

People who claim to possess some kind of psychic abilities have a fascinating amount of influence on the world, directly or indirectly. A great number of celebrities don't just consult astrologers, mediums, and self-proclaimed prophets in what concerns their business, but are completely comfortable about admitting it. And people who to a large extent shape public opinion, like they do, always disseminate their views, opinions and beliefs among those who treat them seriously. For example, The Inquisitr reports that well-known actress Lindsay Lohan recently mentioned her wish to join a coven and become a 'white witch'.

"Someone reportedly close to Lohan (as celebrity gossip tends to go) claims that she is obsessed with the occult and is trying to find a witch's coven so she can be pledged into it. The source claims that she wants to use witchcraft to find more power in her life".
And although in her case it may be an attempt to add this extra bit of wackiness most celebrities seem to be so fond of, one cannot ignore the general tendency. There are mediums and psychics offering their services on every corner, there are communities of people sharing their experiences and tips on how to do readings better and how to find a good fortune-teller, there are serious classifications of types of psychic readings giving careful characteristics of each and every one of them:
"The most common picture that comes to one's mind upon hearing the word psychic reading is often a mysterious woman looking into a crystal ball and telling you about your future. While this can be a real scenario, there are actually different kinds of psychic gifts".
It seems that either the number of psychics is going through the roof, or people are getting readier and readier to believe in the existence of things they can't see or perceive. In this environment psychic readings and people who provide them fit in nicely.