‘The Originals’ Spoilers: A New Dynamic Between Klaus And Elijah, Kol’s Future, And Dahlia And Hope

Dynamics are always shifting on The Originals, and that’s going to be the case yet again for two of the Original siblings after Hayley and Jackson’s wedding. Other spoilers out address Kol’s future and tease what to expect when it comes to Dahlia and baby Hope.

According to E! Online, executive producer Michael Narducci has revealed that there will be a new dynamic between Klaus and Elijah that has lasting effects.

“I can’t speak enough of Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies and their performances coming up. They are going to explore the question of what a family owes each other and what family obligations necessitate in episodes coming up. We’re beginning to see a new dynamic in the Klaus/Elijah relationship and that’s going to affect us for a long time to come. It’s going to have longstanding effects.”

That seemed to have begun in “I Love You, Goodbye,” and as the promo for the next The Originals Season 2 episode, “They All Asked for You,” below, shows, it’s going to continue. With Finn and Freya around, Klaus is ready to use that werewolf army they now have.

The latest episode also saw Kol die, as no one could find a way to save him from Finn’s hex, but is that the end of Kol? Based on what Narducci told E! Online, the answer is no. Now it’s just a question of how Kol will be back – and if it will just be in flashbacks.

“In the past, we’ve seen witches die and come back, like Davina or Papa Tunde or Bastiana or Genevieve. Is there a possibility that we haven’t seen the last of Kol Mikaelson? … We certainly haven’t seen the last of flashbacks that deal with Kol and his story and his family. In those ways, fans of Kol can rest assured that his story on The Originals is long from finished.”

Finally, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Dahlia is going to be seen in the present and is someone who goes head-to-head with Klaus. Now, Narducci has teased to Entertainment Weekly that she is going to be going after Hope, who has already shown that she is quite special and with her lineage, how could she not be?

“I don’t think anyone doubted that this child would be extremely special. We all knew as the granddaughter of Esther, as the child of a hybrid and as the child of Hayley, who is born of a royal line of werewolves, this kid would be something that we have never seen before, something very, very special. And because of her unique nature and her potential power, she is going to be extremely sought after by both good and evil forces. One of them has the name Dahlia, and I think we can expect to see her in the season coming to collect on the debt that she is owed. So we are going to play with that Hope is, what Hope can do, how her parents feel about that, and also, what kind of danger not only will she be faced with, but will the family be faced with in their desire to protect her.”

The end of the latest The Originals episode, “I Love You, Goodbye,” set up Dahlia showing up in the present, as Freya told Finn that Dahlia is coming and is going to take what’s hers.

The Originals Season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]