Angry Girlfriend Threatened To Shoot Partner For Rejecting Her Sexual Advances On Valentine’s Day

An angry girl from South Carolina, who wanted to have sex with her boyfriend on Valentine’s day, reportedly threatened to shoot her partner when he fell asleep during her openly sexual advances.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, Michelle Smart, 29, is alleged to have threatened her boyfriend, Ryan Rucker, with his own gun after he refused to have sex with her.

So alarmed was Rucker, that he contacted the police, telling them that he just had a gun pointed at him in a threatening way. When deputies promptly arrested Smart she told them that she had “attempted to make some sexual advances toward Mr Rucker” but he “pushed her off him.”

While being refused sexually would be a dent to any woman’s ego, especially on Valentine’s Day, most wouldn’t go ahead and threaten to shoot someone for not having sex with them.

In her defence, Smart claimed to police that Rucker had punched and kicked her several times and she was forced to flee the house and sat in a truck outside her home.


Nevertheless, according to Deputy Castillo,

“Mr. Rucker came to the door and was not visibly upset. Mr. Rucker explained that he was asleep when Ms Smart made sexual advances on him. He stated that he pushed her off and the tow started arguing. Mr. Rucker stated that the argument escalated and that he followed Ms. Smart outside. He stated that Ms. Smart got into the truck and that she would shoot him because she has the gun.”

On top of that, as far as Deputy Castillo is concerned, “Ms Smart continually was changing her story throughout the investigation. For these reasons, Ms. Smart’s account became less believable throughout the investigation.”

Smart was arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated nature. Rucker’s pistol was recovered from the scene along with six bullets and will be used as evidence against the defendant when the case comes to court.