WWE News: WWE Polls Fans On Why They Aren’t Supporting Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is consistently talked about in the WWE Universe. Most of the time, it’s to bash the one-time WWE Tag-Team champion and 2015 Royal Rumble winner. Needless to say, the WWE is having a hard time supporting a man that’s been on the roster since 2012. He rose to stardom with the Shield, but many say that his failures were hidden thanks to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

The WWE is pushing Roman Reigns as the next WWE World Heavyweight champion and fans just aren’t having it. Many though that Reigns’ over-confidence would lead to his downfall, which would evidently fix everything. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, the WWE app provided the WWE fans with a poll, in which it was clear what their intentions were. The WWE wanted to know why Roman Reigns wasn’t getting cheered enough. Here’s a screenshot from WrestlingNews.co.

WWE Roman Reigns poll

Normally, on a WWE App poll, all of the answers are kayfabe-based. This one is very different and the WWE wasn’t subtle with this questioning. WWE’s officials are starting to figure out that a majority of the WWE fans aren’t fans of Roman Reigns. Of course, he’s only been on top for a few months, so it’s premature to discredit him without a big enough body of work.

Recently on WWE programming, Reigns’ character is beginning to change. Last month, Reigns was portraying a goofy, but lovable character that belonged in a Disney movie. Now, that’s far from the Reigns the WWE fans saw the last few weeks. He is appearing more brash and tough, while at the same time cutting down on his promos. He’s a huge man, so the less he speaks, the better.

It’s not like Reigns is bad at his job, because that’s far from the truth. He’s going to have to acclimate himself to the state of WWE, and more forward. Ric Flair, 16-time WWE champion, spoke on the hate Roman Reigns is receiving on a weekly basis. Flair’s comments were original, which brings this argument to a whole new light.

“I don’t pay a lot of attention to him talking on the mic but I think he’s okay. Fans look at Roman and they want him to sound like The Rock and that isn’t going to happen,”

If Reigns wasn’t related to the Rock, would his career be better off? Of course, that’s a hypothetical scenario that will remain hypothetical. Reigns is continuously getting the Rock-comparisons, which is harmful to his career. Randy Orton was never compared to his dad, Cowboy Bob Orton, which did him wonders in the early stages of his career.

Reigns will get the time deserved and hopefully work well with it. WWE’s officials are behind Reigns, so that has to add something special to his push. If the WWE fans are lucky, perhaps a “Reigns vs. Rock” feud isn’t far down the road. That would sell in a heartbeat.

[Images via Wrestline News and Twitter]