Britt Nilsson ‘Put On A Show’ Says Chris Soules, No Longer Considered For ‘Bachelorette’?

Chris Soules’ Bachelor blog on People reveals his true feelings about Britt Nilsson’s exit on Monday, with the Iowa farmer calling her out for ‘putting on a show’ during her time on ABC’s popular reality show. Will this cost Britt a chance to become the next Bachelorette?

The second episode from the Bachelor two-night special aired on February 17, with Chris canceling the cocktail party and heading right into the rose ceremony. Whitney, Becca, Jade, Carly, Kaitlyn, and Britt all waited to find out which four girls would continue on to their home towns with Chris, and who would go home.

Prior to Chris’ arrival, Britt made it clear to the girls that she had packed her bags and would be leaving the show. Reality Steve foreshadowed this in his Bachelor spoilers, but was unclear as to how it would all go down.

Much to the surprise of the other girls, Britt made the whole departure overly dramatic and waited until the rose ceremony to pull Chris aside. After a brief conversation, he sent her home without bringing her back in with the other girls. It wasn’t until Chris watched the show that he learned that Britt was planning to leave.

“I obviously had no idea Britt had packed her things and told the girls she wanted to leave. What I don’t understand is this: If Britt had packed her things and truly had the intention of leaving, why would she want to wait until the rose ceremony to see me?”

In his Bachelor blog, Chris writes that he was not feeling certain about his future with Britt for several episodes, saying that their connection was “too good to be true.” He revealed that he didn’t have plans to give her a rose on Monday night, something that he didn’t just decide on due to her “outburst” on the group date, but because he questioned her sincerity.

“Britt’s over-the-topness wasn’t fully sincere. It started to feel like she was putting on a performance. And the girls’ comments supported that… we did have such a strong connection right off the bat. But truthfully, now I question all of that. Early on I thought she, and our connection, was too good to be true. Turns out it was.”

[Spoilers ahead]

Will Britt be the next Bachelorette or is she no longer a fan favorite? The support of fans seems to have some influence on who producers pick for the role, at least in past seasons it has.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison has hinted that both Britt and Kaitlyn are strong contenders to become the next Bachelorette. Chris revealed in his blog on Yahoo that he will put her in the hot seat on the Women Tell All special coming up March 2, so fans will see if she can redeem herself enough to be picked as ABC’s next leading lady.

“I look forward to discussing all this with Britt at the Women Tell All special that’s coming up. Did she believe that when push came to shove, Chris would beg to take her back? Her mistake wasn’t playing hard to get — that would’ve been fine. Her fatal error was disrespecting Chris time and time again, especially the last time when she did it in front of the other women. That was the straw that broke the rose.”

Do you think Britt Nilsson will become the next Bachelorette or is there someone else who would be a better fit?

[Image: ABC]