'Game of Thrones' Monopoly Will Make Fans Fight For The Iron Throne, Too

Monopoly is coming. Game of Thrones monopoly that is.

The cutthroat political maneuvering central to the HBO show makes it a perfect fit for a game that celebrates strategy and domination. Players will "vie to hold dominion over the realms of men," by buying, selling, and trading their way to the Iron Throne, HBO explained. They announced the $60 game's pre-release on its Twitter feed Monday; it will be available later this year.

Fans of the show and the books will recognize some of the game's locations: Castle Black, Winterfell, and King's Landing, added the Telegraph. Players can grab Craster's Keep, the Fist of the First Men, or turn out the pockets of King's Landing's gentry, according to the Guardian.

The green houses and red hotels have been replaced with villages and keeps, and the iconic game pieces with a dragon egg, a three-eyed raven, a white walker, a direwolf, a crown and, of course, the Iron Throne.

Stuart Hertiage, over at the Guardian, couldn't contain his excitement for the new Game of Thrones board game.

"The story of Game of Thrones is already basically just a Monopoly session writ large, full of aggressive trading and spurious imprisonments and players seeking to gain total control over their peers. Like Game of Thrones, Monopoly revolves around several locations of differing values. Like Game of Thrones, Monopoly often ends with sudden acts of inexplicable violence. Like Game of Thrones, Monopoly always ends up being ruined by a Lannister."

Meanwhile, Londoners can forget the game entirely and usurp the Iron Throne in Covent Garden. That's because a life-size throne was carved out of ice and plopped in the city on Monday. Fans filtered in all day to pretend they were their favorite Iron Throne contender. The event was put on by HBO to promote the release of Game of Thrones Season 4 on DVD, according to the Hollywood Reporter.