Walmart Employee’s Ex Proposes After 43 Years: Employee Gets Valentine’s Day Shock During Work

Walmart Ex Proposes

A Walmart employee’s ex proposes after 43 years to the woman he still loves on the most romantic day of the year. Did she say yes?

Her reaction was one of shock.

A Walmart store in Fort Smith, Arkansas had some drama on Valentine’s Day no one there will soon forget. Renate Stumpf, 75, was working when her ex-husband of 43 years, Louis Demetriades, made it the scene for a second proposal. Her reaction is seen on video when her ex popped the question one more time.

Louis surprised Renate in Walmart when he greeted her, holding a sign.

“Hey, good-looking,” Louis said to her. “Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you marry me?”

The Walmart employee’s ex got an answer he wasn’t completely expecting for all the effort he put into proposing to the love of his life. At first she said, “no,” but was only teasing him.

Renate tells ABC News that 43 years is “a long time” and that she “wasn’t sure at first.” She adds that she’ll “marry him, though, because he’s changed for the better.”

As for the Walmart ex’s proposal after 43 years, Renate shares that what Louis did on Valentine’s Day “knocked her socks off.”

The couple met when they were 18 years old in Germany. Louis was at an Army base where Renate worked in the kitchen. They have three children together. Renate opens up by saying that they had a rough life after moving to the United States. They had little money and she didn’t know much English. Due to the stress and changes, Louis and Renate “argued about every little thing.” They were married 13 years, then divorced.

Both remarried, but their spouses have recently died. So, Louis and Renate got back together in December to “rekindle” their romance. Louis got Renate’s information after contacting her daughter on Facebook.

Renate says their love for each other has never faded.

“When we saw each other again last December, we knew right then we still loved each other for sure.That love has never passed.”

Louis tells My Fox Atlanta why he chose Walmart to approach his ex with a proposal.

“And why did I come to Walmart to propose to my wife again? It’s because she has so many friends here and I knew she would like to share that with them.”

The Walmart employee’s ex proposed after 43 years with charm. Renata is said “no” to begin with then added with a huge laugh, “yes, but not today.”

[Image via My Fox Atlanta]