Chris Harrison On Britt: ‘Never Have I Seen A Woman Fall So Far So Fast’ On ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has been watching Chris Soules’ journey to find love, but he hasn’t been warning Soules when it comes to the women. He needs to figure out who is a good fit for him. And this week for the Bachelor two-day event, he discovered that Britt Nilsson was not the fit for him, even though they had a strong start.

Chris Harrison didn’t even have to warn him about Britt, because she told him how she felt himself. She continuously disrespected Soules and she had no problem doing it in front of the other ladies. As one contestant pointed out, Nilsson wanted the show to be about her, and be about her needs with Chris. Now, Harrison is dishing his thoughts about it all.

According to a new Yahoo report, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is now revealing that he has never seen anyone fall so far, so quickly while filming the show. It is no secret that Britt was a frontrunner for quite some time, as they had some great dates in the beginning of the season. Despite having a negative attitude about heights and Iowa, Chris Soules could ignore that for a while.

Chris Harrison reveals about Britt’s hometown date.

“The other big story this week was the rise and fall of Britt. Never have I seen a woman fall so far, so fast on this show. She was a clear front-runner, but man did she shoot herself in the foot — or maybe the heart, in this case. I don’t know if Britt was playing a game with Chris but if she was, she lost.”

Of course, prior to going to her hometown, Soules knew that there had been some trouble with Nilsson and the other ladies. Chris had heard that she couldn’t see herself living in Arlington, but Harrison didn’t tell Soules about what was said. So, it will be interesting to see what she has to say for herself when Harrison confronts her about it. And Chris Harrison is looking forward to putting her in the hot seat for the Women Tell All special.

“Did she believe that when push came to shove, Chris would beg to take her back? Her mistake wasn’t playing hard to get — that would’ve been fine. Her fatal error was disrespecting Chris time and time again, especially the last time when she did it in front of the other women. That was the straw that broke the rose.”

Chris Harrison reveals, adding that he really wanted to hear her side of the story.

Even though she was such a popular woman on the show, Harrison isn’t too keen on letting her come back as the Bachelorette. According to the Inquisitr, she is not considered to be the next one to find love on the show.

What do you think of Chris Harrison’s assessment? Do you think she crashed and burned on The Bachelor?

[Image via ABC]