Kim Kardashian Irate At Bruce Jenner’s Tabloid Publicity, Flaunts ‘Mini-Me’ North West’s Bulletproof Vest [Video]

Kim Kardashian has previously expressed her views about Bruce Jenner’s tabloid coverage, in particular attacking with the rest of the family a cover that used Photoshop to mock up Jenner as a woman. But now Kim is worried that with all the media attention on Bruce, she’s missing out on her own share of publicity. What to do? Show off your daughter North West’s bulletproof vest, reported the New York Daily News.

To make sure that everyone could admire the wee one, Kim posted a photo to Twitter.

Look at my little cutie!!! #BabyYeezyBulletProofVest.

North West wore the little vest when she was sitting in Kim’s lap to show her support at Kanye West’s Adidas fashion show. Kim chose a semi-matching camouflage jacket.

However, as the Inquisitr reported, North West devoted more time to a tantrum than to cheering for her dad Kanye. But West had an explanation for why his daughter was sobbing.

“Maybe she was just scared for her daddy. She just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place.”

And although she’s not sobbing publicly, Kim is increasingly frustrated with the dynamics of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s success in promoting their shows and products, reported the Canada Journal.

In particular, Kim K is contrasting her own cover stories with Bruce’s, said a source.

“Kim has only been on one and a half (tabloid) covers in 2015. Neither Life & Style, OK!, Us Weekly nor People have had her on their cover once this year. But Bruce has been on four In Touch covers, two Us Weekly covers and a People cover.”

And although Kim did get publicity for her attempt to “break the Internet” naked photo shoot, she doesn’t reap financial benefits from such coverage, in particular her clothing collection at Sears, said the source.

Bruce is getting the attention and the only time people show her is when she’s naked on magazine covers, which is fine, but she needs to sell brands and products. It’s not like she makes anything off of Paper mag,” clarified the insider. “She still needs to sell her Sears collection. She still needs the mainstream press.”

But Kim may get help in the near future from her “mini-me” daughter Nori, according to InStyle. She’s been dressing the little girl in matching outfits, and even may be taking her to ballet classes.

Does North West have a future as a break-out Keeping Up With the Kardashians star? What do you think? Post your comments below.

[Photo By Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]