‘The Big Bang Theory’ Will Pay Tribute to Carol Ann Susi

The Big Bang Theory Will Share a Tribute to Actress Carol Ann Susi

Many fans of The Big Bang Theory was sad to hear about the death of Carol Ann Susi at the end of last year. While she was not a main character or ever on the screen, she played a major role. Susi voiced Howard Wolowitz’s overweight and loud mother, a fan favorite.

Susi lost her battle to cancer in November, and many fans of the show wondered what would happen next. By her not appearing on the screen, there was the possibility of another actress taking over the voice, with Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette on the show, possibly taking over. She already does an excellent impersonation of Howard’s mother.

In the end, the writers and producers decided that bringing the character to an end was a better decision. It would be The Big Bang Theory’s way to pay tribute to Susi.

The character death will happen during Thursday’s episode, The Comic Book Store Regeneration. While the gang get ready for the reopening of Stuart’s comic book store, Howard will receive the news of his mother’s passing, according to International Business Times. Mrs. Wolowitz was visiting her sister in Florida, and Howard will learn about her passing over the phone. Penny will also help Sheldon let the things that bother him go, only to fail at taking her own advice.

Chuck Lorre, creator of The Big Bang Theory, admitted that they had taken a few months to determine the best outcome. He told USA Today that episode 15 would pay tribute and deal with the loss of Carol Ann.

There will be some shocking character developments through the episode. Sheldon, who usually puts Howard down at every possibility, will shock people the most. According to the spoilers for the episode, he will tell Howard that he has friends to help him through it. It will definitely shock Leonard, who expects his roommate to say something inappropriate.

Howard and Bernadette will leave during the episode for the funeral in Florida, while the rest raise a toast to her. Steven Molaro was in charge of the script, and believed it to be the best way of handling the situation in a “delicate and respectful way,” according to Lorre.

Hearing the news of Carol Ann’s death was difficult for all on The Big Bang Theory. She was a part of the family, so handling this episode was essential for all on the set.

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